To be a generator is the greatest grace that could ever be bestowed upon a man.

It is a benediction, a gift. An artist gifted with even the most minimal awareness would find it difficult not to amaze himself with his own handworks, because beauty does not belong within his hands, it is a mystery which does not belong to him. Man has a tendency to generate, but he knows that whatever is created, is not his creation alone. This generation coincides with the astonishment for the creation of someone else’s work. The expression “it is God’s work” describes with full awareness, proof that this is actually part of our human experience.

In essence, “generating traces” has nothing else but significance; the traces are traces of another. But to say this it is necessary that this other being has presented himself inside the groundwork of experience: it is not an idea that is born out of itself.

It is necessary that this happens, and that this occurs to such an extent, only to foster its continuance.

Luigi Giussani

(TRACCE 1999)

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