SPIGARELLI CERAMICHE was started in 1985 and is well known for the variety of shapes and decorative designs, which are constantly created and developed in order to meet the ever changing demands of national and international markets. Over 200 items per line are available so that we can meet all market requests with the best traditional craftsmanship. All Spigarelli products are made entirely and exclusively in Italy.

Ceramic products are diffferent than all other products that are vetrified, therefore they can not be compared with other types of production.

Our products are made out of strong white ceramic and fired at 1040°C. They are glazed by hand with a lead free glaze and are food safe. The ceramics are then fired again at 950°C.

Our exclusive designs are then applied by hand, piece by piece and then refired again at 750°C. The entire production process for each piece includes three firings at different temperatures.

Our products are dishwasher safe at low temperatures and should be thoroughly dry before storing in cabinetry. Because the ceramics are produced in this specal manner, no other material can display the colors in such a vibrant and bright manner, these products do need to be used with care and attention.

Spigarelli Ceramiche guarantees that each piece is still made by the export hands of artisans as they did in ancient times, with the exception of using modern technology for a few designs.

From 1985 the Spigarelli Ceramics provides the best of Made in Italy for your life.
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